Planet minecraft looking for builders

Peep this magical underwater wonder by build team PostCrea! Minecraft The lore states:. The years were prosperous, the Idyllic setting, but one day, its most ferocious rival 'Procarcharodon' nicknamed the terror of the seas decided otherwise by attacking the city. Discover this fabulous aquatic world, with its atypical fauna and lush flora It has a total of 6 different shops, 22 tracks, 2 bus terminals with plenty of stops along the way! Java only. Not convinced? Attend Hogwarts, complete puzzles and quests, trade in Diagon Alley, scavage for loot and supplies, discover secrets and mysteries, fight off monsters and enemies, play quiddich, and explore!

Minecraft HarryPotter. Download Now: bit. Eggmoticons is a texture pack that adds the face of each mob to its respective egg so you don't have to hover each one to find the egg you want! In this week's news, we've got several new events ranging from household mobs skins to a spring building competition! The blog section was on FIRE this week, as several members published their artworks.

PMCFlashbackFriday to this remarkable build submitted 6 years ago. The inspiration behind this project stems from an environmental issue we still face today: the decline of the bee population.

The creators dedicated this build to "The Bee Cause" in the UK, which aims to bring back honey bees to their natural habitat 1 meadow at a time. You can download Vast plateaus, ash-rock forests, mangroves, a volcano and desert are just a few of the environments you'll encounter!

FREE Download in the link below, so you can explore to your heart's desire! This project by SebastianM4ker features a beautiful big mansion perched atop a hill.

It also has an underlying message. What do you think it is? Minecraft Free download in the link below! Minecraft has made their favorite lessons available for free! Explore the International Space Station, marine biology and renewable energy with these immersive worlds!!

Explore exciting topics We will be there an hour early to watch some Minecraft shorts, chat, and have fun! Egyptian golems, bee-scorpion spiders, pig creepers, and evil clown zombies are just a few randomized, unique mob textures you can expect! No plans for the weekend? You get to vote on which one we watch!

Grab that popcorn and let's gather in the virtual world. We're in this together, so let's have some fun. We launched our first Minecraft Mob Skin Contest! In this contest, themed Age of Dragons, it is up to you to design your own dragon using the Ender Dragon mob skin model!

What universe is it from? Does is have any special powers? Does it fight the Corona Virus?!We are always thinking up new ways to make your lives easier, and make your experience on Athion that little bit better.

Expect us to always be working on something, and the occasional sneak peak! Our fantastic Build Team has ranks filled to the brim of awesome builders, able to provide our clients with exactly what they need, when they need. With a wonderful atmosphere, all are welcome to apply and join! Hire us Now. Plugin Updates: Athion Reviews: Athion Reviews has had a major revamp, with some awesome new features!

Mastery ranks have 6 tiers…. Recently Minecraft. We are proud to say that a few members from Athion have had some articles about them. The latest…. With big changes already in motion for we have decided to update our website and online image. With this initial update we have re-worked the main website with plans for the community forums to follow suit shortly after this site…. Visit our Forums. Athion : Build because you love it! Join us on PLAY.

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Yes No.Ever ploughed a field? Sealed a hole in a dungeon to stop a nasty stream of water preventing you from moving? Perhaps you have carved out a whole mountain just to create that luxurious vacation house you always dreamed of? If you have, then congratulations! While most of us tend to focus on building structures or exploring, some take it to a whole different level and shape the land itself, bending it to their will to create forests, mountains or massive landscapes.

The best part? Anyone can do it! Hell, even beavers can terraform if they want to. Their damn dam builds can ruin a whole ecosystem. An expert on the field of terraforming is Consuea world-building prodigy with a keen eye for detail.

She creates vast landscapes of various shapes and sizes, from lush green continents to colourful islands. Compared to the ordinary builder, a terraformer spends the majority of the build outside of Minecraft, working in external software programs to create the build more on those later! In her case, she gets her inspiration from real life photography. However a lot of my terrain is also centred on a certain pattern or style. She soon discovered the world of terraforming through a server called StarQuest, a home to several custom survival worlds which all fascinated her.

Later I [also] discovered WorldMachine from the Daratisx 8k survival map. Interestingly I entered the Minecraft creative community with my WorldMachine terraforming. WorldMachine is a handy software program that many in the terraforming community use to craft their massive maps.

It allows builders to shape and create realistic CG landscapes with the amazing power of algorithms. By using building blocks that you wire together with nodes, like a net in a big grid, you can simulate all sorts of terrain and erosion. You can learn more about it here! Easier said than done! For new users, WorldMachine can appear overwhelming with its intimidating UI. For someone like me who barely finished school with decent math grades it looks like a nightmare!

WorldPainter on the other hand is somewhat simpler. Working as an interactive map generator, it focuses more on the artistic side, allowing you to paint or sculpt the terrain itself directly learn more about it here. It can also import WorldMachine creations, and both have been vital for Consue in bringing her real-world experiences to a digital format. For example, by studying how talus forms on the side of a cliff you can recreate it in WorldMachine. I try to achieve something beyond realism — uniqueness with every single piece.

Consue warns that realism can be impractical to convey in Minecraft due to its sky limit. With the vertical block limitation there is only so much that you can make. Sometimes features are hard to read so I use a block pallet with high contrast to make features pop out. Consue has experimented with a lot of terrain, both through her own projects and commissions that she gets from time to time.

My current long term project extending beyond Minecraft is a mashup of different sceneries of the area, including Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon. I also like to work with the bare yellow landscapes of Norway and Iceland.

Skip to main content.What are the best Minecraft builds for Java and Windows 10 edition? Sampling the cream of the Minecraft mega build crop is like taking an all-inclusive tour of not just this world, but many — just without any food and accommodation.

This list will take you to Middle-earth, Tamriel, and Azeroth to name a few, while still having you home in time for tea. Take this fantastic Minas Tirith render, for example, which is as beautiful as it is imposing.

Top 10 Minecraft Shaders - 2019

Are you serious? No collection of magnificent Minecraft builds would be complete without something inspired by Game of Thrones. How does an epic Minecraft mega build of sixty million blocks sound?

The boundaries were really pushed back by jamdelaney1, who spent three months creating the expansive city of Adamantis. Space is seldom tight on a server, after all.

planet minecraft looking for builders

Although, it is just a little bit… blockier? Why not lose yourself in Minecraft by literally losing yourself? In recent history, New Port Notch has become one of the most well-known Minecraft projects out there — so much so it spawned its own subreddit.

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Who are the biggest female streamers?Spires, temples, fountains and even hot air balloons punctuate this ancient cityscape. Check out the album for the full scope. That sound you heard last month was the jaws of Minecrafters around the world simultaneously hitting the floor. This ridiculously detailed build of the capitol city from Game of Thrones made headlines in January. The full album is, in a word, SuperCray. Its builders are dedicated to re-creating the fantasy world from A Song of Fire and Ice.

planet minecraft looking for builders

You can get progress reports on their websiteand even download the updated worlds as they progress. Image courtesy of pizzainacup. Image courtesy of crpeh.

Best Minecraft builds: the cool constructions you need to see

Two players on a private server piqued Reddit's interest when they committed to digging an enormous hole down to the bedrock the lowest point you can reach in Minecraft and sealing it up with a giant glass dome.

It may not be the most beautiful architecture ever conceived, but it was done "legit" in Survival Mode -- meaning, every single block was painstakingly mined, processed and placed by hand. The result is a giant, artificial biome the players chronicled on their website. This odd, myopic little build is actually quite impressive when you think about it.

planet minecraft looking for builders

It's a replica of the builder's real-life bedroom, complete with closets, windows, a desk, a computer -- even a mess of wires near the wall. One Minecraft block is a meter cubed, so the scale here is actually pretty massive, affording the creator a granular level of detail.

See the full album for all the angles. Image courtesy of randomginger Another collaborative server aims to construct beautiful modern cities, replete with roadways, traffic lights, interiors and green spaces. The photos in the full album are renders that add smoother textures and replace the water and sky with realistic images. Image courtesy of rikkuness.

Set sail on this beautiful piece of maritime history. See the album for some interior pics and a lovely sunset. Image courtesy of Chrome. Redstone circuitry is among the more fascinating aspects of Minecraft. Players use it to power mine cart transportation, crude machinery, lighting and automatic doors and passageways. Occasionally, a super genius will use redstone to create logic gates - essentially, the electric signal moderators that power actual computers.

A few players have created working computers inside Minecraft that do simple math. This one can load 16 lines of code into "RAM" memoryperform division and display hexadecimal notation. It may not look pretty, but it's a mind-boggling feat of computer science. See a video of it in action here.

Via Escapist Magazine. The site of the epic battle from The Return of the King is recreated here in painstaking detail.Minecraft works just fine right out of the box, but tweaking and extending the game with mods can radically change the experience. Some mods are great for brand new players and seasoned veterans alike, while others are aimed squarely at breathing new life into the game after you have already seen everything that the basic game has to offer.

With a never-ending spigot of mods from a tremendously talented and dedicated fan base, you can always find something new to do or see in Minecraft. If you are brand new to Minecraft, we highly suggest checking out the basic game first to get a feel for it, and then add mods over time to make things easier, prettier, and finally to totally change up the entire experience.

However, they only work with Minecraft: Java Edition. If you're playing a version of the game like Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, or any console or mobile version, you have to buy skins, modpacks, and other content from the in-game store. Mods for the Java version of the game do not work with any other version. Installing Minecraft mods is pretty easyespecially with the help of Minecraft Forgebut mods aren't always compatible with each other, and individual mods aren't always compatible with the latest version of the game.

OptiFine is a behind-the-scenes mod that improves and optimizes the graphics of Minecraft so that the game runs as smoothly, and looks as great, as it possibly can on your computer. This is the best mod to grab, and the first one you should download, if you care about visuals and smooth gameplay.

Professional Minecraft Build Team

If you're brand new to Minecraft, it's just fine to install this mod right away. All it does is make the game look better and run more smoothly. You can safely ignore most of the features, which can be overwhelming, until you've spent more time in the game. Download from OptiFine. What It Does Journeymap implements a beautiful world map that is generated automatically as you play.

planet minecraft looking for builders

It includes a minimap that shows up in the upper right corner of the screen while you're playing, but you can also open up a full-screen map to view the entire world that you have explored up to that point. While it's worth playing Minecraft without this mod to start just to get a feel of how the game is meant to work, adding this mod makes for a much better experience even for complete beginners.

Download from Minecraft Forum. What It Does Chest Transporter is a mod that lets you pick up and move chests, even if they're full of items. This is pretty basic in comparison to a lot of the other mods on this list, but it's also tremendously useful. Without the help of a mod, moving a chest even one block in any direction is a tedious, multi-step process that looks something like:.Apply For Us Now.

The Athion Network Build Team consists of a number of highly skilled and dedicated members, each of which is hugely experienced within the field of Minecraft content creation.

25 'Minecraft' Creations That Will Blow Your Flippin' Mind

They are adept at any style you could possibly wish for, as well as recreating historical architecture and buildings, such as the Elizabeth Tower Big Ben in London, the CN Tower in Toronto or even a British Victorian seaside town. We offer fair prices for all work completed and strongly believe in the fair payment of our builders for their time and effort. We have worked for and with some of the biggest networks across both the PC and Pocket editions of Minecraft, as well as YouTubers, educational content providers, and large corporations.

The team builds on a server we like to think as one of the best around, being completely formidable and nearly un-crashable, allowing us to complete our builds on time and without delay!

We aim to respond to all requests within 48 hours unless stated otherwise, and will do our best to come to an agreement for your work! Athion Build Team Portfolio Athion is a professional, seasoned Minecraft Build Team that offers high-quality and original content for every need. About The Team. Build Team Leaders. Build Team Members. Yes No.


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